My name’s Esther Walker and I’m an Edinburgh based Gestalt counsellor and massage therapist working from Dialogue & Space in Leith. I offer online and face-to-face counselling and run short, low cost courses on anxiety management and other self-help topics – see Events.

We can all lose heart at times, feel disillusioned and powerless to influence anything. Covid-19 may have intensified these feelings – changing our circumstances, restricting our social and physical contact, challenging our view of ourselves in the world.

Online working, anxiety and a lack of human touch can leave our bodies feeling tense and numb.

We know that eventually life will return to some normality. But in the meantime, how have these times impacted on our sense of self, relationships, priorities? What changes will help us reconnect with what’s important?

In seeking counselling, you’re giving yourself opportunity to find out what’s going on and (re)discover your interest and enjoyment of life and relationships.

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Massage therapy calms an anxious nervous system, awakens sensory experience and reconnects body with mind.

For both counselling and massage, we’ll agree at the outset what outcomes you’re looking for, so we have a way of judging progress.

I welcome all and any questions – please contact me.