Three steps to ease anxiety

It’s not surprising we’re all feeling anxious: we’re trapped inside with lots to get worried about, lots of encouragement to be frightened and little to distract us. However, we can reduce that anxiety by doing three things: breathing moving expressing If you’re anything like me, then you may forget those things that really support you […]

The brain’s amazing drugs cabinet

Knowledge is power. When we understand what emotions do and how our bodies/brains create them, we can manage them better and so improve our mental health and relationships. The Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution has created a fabulous set of FREE resources to help children and young people do just this. They’re engaging, accessible and […]

Behaviours that kill relationships

Sometimes, black clouds of tension and conflict hang over a relationship. You try your best, but nothing you do seems to make any difference. If only your ‘loved’ one wasn’t so defensive….so critical….so contemptuous…so good at ignoring you! Well, you’ve just put your finger on the four behaviours that kill relationships or – the ‘4 […]