Counselling offers a space where you can talk with someone who’ll listen carefully, remain focused on you, and help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings.  It provides support when life feels too challenging or you feel stuck and unhappy. 

A few sessions could be all you need to clarify what’s going on and identify a way forward.  Longer term counselling helps you identify patterns in thinking and behaving you want to discard, and practice better alternatives.


shells on the sand

In Gestalt counselling we focus on:

-your physical sensations as well as what you think and say

-trying different things out so you become more aware of your experience.

Sitting still for long periods (usually in front of screens) is only possible because we’ve become experts in cutting off from our bodily sensations. By waking up to our bodies again we can access information about our feelings, inclinations and history.

Counselling or therapy (I use the terms interchangeably) describe a learning process. This is particularly true of a Gestalt approach. Your learning (and at times hard work) will lead to outcomes like these:

  • greater self-awareness (of your feelings, beliefs, values, needs, attitudes, patterns of behaving)
  • new understanding of how relationships work and of your own experience of relationships
  • having a broader range of options available to you in how you approach and respond to the world.
  • greater access to feelings of satisfaction, hope, contentment, excitement, warmth and love.

Mobile counselling…

The benefits of receiving counselling in your own home include: easier access to support, convenience, comfort and discretion. I offer counselling to individuals privately and through their employing organisation. Details are provided below.

For private individuals…

Usually, it’s the client who travels to the counsellor’s base, but this makes accessing support difficult or impractical for some people.  If you can identify with that, then you may like to explore how that support can be received in your home (or work) space.

In our first session we’ll discuss the practicalities involved and identify a way of working that suits us both.  I also rent rooms in Central Edinburgh if you prefer.

Once you contact me, we’ll arrange a first meeting to find out what you’re looking for and whether I’m the right person for you. We’ll also think about how and where we’ll work.

For organisations…

I can provide independent and confidential on-site (or home based) support for your staff. This enables you to offer additional support to those experiencing challenges in their personal or work lives: e.g. new parents, caring for family members, illness, interpersonal conflict, managing change.

I have 20 years’ experience consulting with organisations of all shapes and sizes to create tailor-made learning and development interventions for leaders, managers and workforce. I’m familiar with how organisations work including the management of workforce performance and conduct. Read more here.

We’ll discuss at the outset how this provision works best in the context of your organisation and priorities.

Practicalities and Cost…

For private individuals…

If we decide to go ahead following our initial meeting, then we’ll agree a fixed number of sessions (usually 4-6). At the end of that time we’ll discuss the work we’ve done and agree what to do next (further sessions or finish).

Sessions vary in length (50 or 90 mins) and frequency (weekly or fortnightly) and can be arranged during the day or evening.

  • The standard fees are: £50-60 (for 50 min) and £75-90 (for 90 min) depending on location.
  • I also offer places at the reduced fee of £35.

Contact me to discuss further.

For organisations…

We’ll discuss practicalities at the outset.

Option 1: a package of 4 weekly sessions for one person (on-site or home visit) (60 mins each) £240.

Option 2: a package of 5 individual sessions on one day (on-site) (60 mins each) £290.

Contact me to discuss further.

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